October 3, 2020

What is a High Volatility Slot Game?

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Video slots are extremely popular in the world of online casinos. Within these there several types of slot games with high volatility being among the most popular. The term ‘volatility’ references three different aspects in a slot game. These are the sum paid out, the level of risk, and the frequency of wins. High volatility slot games have by definition a bigger discrepancy between payouts. Basically, knowing the volatility (or variance as its sometimes known) gives the player the ability to choose a slot best matching their preferences by providing awareness on how likely it is for them to win big.

What is a High Volatility Slot Game?

Why is Volatility Important?

Volatility determines the level of risk and the expected pay-out rate in a slot game. Knowing your chances of winning lets you work out whether a particular game is appropriate for your budget. The higher the volatility the bigger the difference between payouts on any given spin. Volatility is worth noting alongside the return to player (RTP) percentage. These two factors together can help you determine the odds of winning on a specific slot game and better inform your decisions.

How to Play a High Volatility Slot

High volatility slots work in exactly the same way any other slot game does. The game starts when the player initiates the spin. A random number generator within the game determines the symbols to appear. Players win money dependent on the combination of symbols that appear in sequences knows as ‘paylines’.

The Benefits of Playing a High Volatility Slot Game

The main lure of a high volatility slot is the higher monetary rewards. If you’re willing to roll the dice (or in this case spin the slot) you stand to win bigger prizes. However, this isn’t without added risk. This type of slot game is especially suitable for risk-takers and can drastically increase your winnings. Another draw is that high volatility slot games often come with more bonus features, free spins, and multiplier rounds. These rewards and bonuses give additional ways to win and can increase your chances of a jackpot win.

Why Choose a High Volatility Slot Game?

High volatility slots appeal to risk-takers who want to chase big jackpots. If your preference is to have larger but less frequent wins, then a high volatility slot is a good choice for you. In order to play these games for extended periods, you will need a fairly substantial budget due to the high number of deposits you will likely need to make.

Can You Calculate Online Slot Volatility?

Calculating slot volatility requires information about the frequency of each symbol and its value. A complex mathematical calculation is needed to determine volatility. Having said this, there are still ways you can use to better understand volatility. The difference between a four-of-a-kind symbol’s payout and a five-of-a-kind will tell you a lot. The bigger the difference the higher the volatility. Big jackpot prizes are another way to quickly assess whether or not a slot game is highly volatile. The most volatile slot games will often have the biggest advertised jackpots. Lastly, another useful way to deduce volatility is by playing the free play mode. This can give you a sense of frequency in high value wins. If the big payouts are rare it would indicate that it is likely a high volatility slot game.

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